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Participation Report shows increase in number of cities engaging with EMW

18 December 2014
Copyright: M. Dubovský / Občianska Cykloiniciatíva

The 2014 Participation Report has revealed that this year’s edition of European Mobility Week (EMW) halted the trend of falling participation observed in recent years, registering more participants, permanent measures and car-free day events than 2013. The report statistically analyses participation in EMW on a year by year basis, highlighting trends and evaluating the “success” of the campaign...

European Cycling Challenge 2015 encourages citizens to get on their bikes

03 December 2014

The City of Bologna is inviting European Cities and their cyclists to take part in the fourth edition of the "European Cycling Challenge 2015". The initiative, which will be held throughout the month of May 2015, sees cyclists use a GPS app on their smartphone to track the distance they have covered by bicycle during the month. The total distance covered by participants in each city is...

Athens meeting looks to the past to inspire the future

01 December 2014

Athens played host to the 39th European Mobility Week Coordination meeting, offering not only a unique venue for discussion, but a wider cultural programme that outlined the many contributions of the ancient city to the values of modern Europe. National coordinators from across the continent attended the meeting, each providing a short presentation on mobility week activities in their country. A...

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Winner - European Mobility Week Award 2013

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Ljubljana is working hard to make getting around the city as easy as possible! Watch this short inspirational video to see how different citizens can move around one of Europe's most beautiful capitals. This video was produced to showcase Ljubljana as the winner of the European Mobility Week Award 2013.

Budapest, Ljubljana, Östersund - Finalists - European Mobility Award 2013

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Find out more about what the finalists for the European Mobility Award 2013 did to transition to more sustainable mobility and their activities relating to last year's theme 'Clean air - it's your move!'

Zagreb, Croatia - Winner - European Mobility Week Award 2012

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Zagreb is making it easier for citizens to get from A to B! This two minute film follows Krešimir Miletić of the Zagreb local government as he navigates the city using a number of different transport options. The video was produced to highlight Zagreb's 2012 European Mobility Week Award win.