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Impact of European Mobility Week 2014 continues beyond end of festivities

23 September 2014

The 2014 edition of European Mobility Week has officially ended, bringing celebrations in over 1900 cities to a close. The Week saw a wide range of activities, including concerts, workshops, and art competitions, all celebrating the role sustainable mobility and better usage of land can play in enhancing quality of life. The success of the week and the continued success of the European mobility...

Skopje unveils new green routes app during EMW

19 September 2014

Skopje, the capital of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, used European Mobility Week as an opportunity to launch a new app that makes getting around the city in a sustainable manner easier than ever before. The Skopje Green Routes planner provides travelers with all the information they need to plan the quickest, cheapest and most environment-friendly routes to their destination,...

Pedestrians and cyclists receive “reverse toll money” in Norway

18 September 2014

As part of Norway’s ongoing European Mobility Week celebrations, around 10,000 NOK (€1,200) was handed out in the town of Lillestrøm to pedestrians and cyclists in “reverse toll money”. The money symbolised the health benefits of walking and cycling, including better fitness, improved air quality and more efficient transport. Cyclists received around €12, while pedestrians gained €11....

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Winner - European Mobility Week Award 2013

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Ljubljana is working hard to make getting around the city as easy as possible! Watch this short inspirational video to see how different citizens can move around one of Europe's most beautiful capitals. This video was produced to showcase Ljubljana as the winner of the European Mobility Week Award 2013.

Budapest, Ljubljana, Östersund - Finalists - European Mobility Award 2013

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Find out more about what the finalists for the European Mobility Award 2013 did to transition to more sustainable mobility and their activities relating to last year's theme 'Clean air - it's your move!'

Zagreb, Croatia - Winner - European Mobility Week Award 2012

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Zagreb is making it easier for citizens to get from A to B! This two minute film follows Krešimir Miletić of the Zagreb local government as he navigates the city using a number of different transport options. The video was produced to highlight Zagreb's 2012 European Mobility Week Award win.