Campaign resources for 2018


Guidance to help you organise a successful EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK in 2018 can be found below. You can also find design materials and guidelines in the Communication Toolkit.


Manual 2018

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Manual contains all the necessary information for towns and cities planning to organise EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK from 16-22 September 2018. It includes the 2018 Thematic Guidelines as well as the Handbook for local campaigners.


 Download (PDF, English)

 Download (PDF, EU Languages)

Flyer 2018

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK flyer provides a quick overview of the campaign, the 2018 theme as well as MOBILITYACTIONS.



 Download (Adobe InDesign, English)

 Download (PDF, English)

 Download (PDF, EU Languages)

Poster 2018

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK poster displays visual elements of the campaign as well as the date and the 2018 call to action: Mix and Move!


 Download (Adobe Illustrator, English)

 Download (Adobe Illustrator, EU Languages)

 Download (PDF, EU languages)

Looking for Campaign Materials from previous years?

You can find the Best Practice Guides, Thematic Guidelines, and more dating back to 2002 on our Previous Years page.


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