European Mobility Week Award

The European Mobility Week Award scheme aims to reward the local authority that is deemed to have done the most in raising public awareness of sustainable mobility issues and implementing measures to achieve a shift towards sustainable urban transport.

The winning city is chosen by an independent panel of transport experts who assess all eligible applications and shortlist 10 local authorities which they consider have performed outstandingly well.

The finalists for the 2014 EMW Award will be announced soon.

Finalists for 2014 EMW Award announced

The cities of Murcia (Spain), Östersund (Sweden) and Vienna (Austria) are the finalists for the 2014 edition of the EMW Award. The three finalists were selected from the shortlist of ten cities by a jury of independent transport experts, who judged each city on the creative methods they used to celebrate last year’s EMW theme and their contribution to the shift to more sustainable transport.

The winner of the European Commission's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) Award will also be announced at the ceremony. The finalists for the 2014 SUMP award are Bremen (Germany), Dresden (Germany), and Ghent (Belgium). The winning city will take home €10,000, which can be spent on further promoting their SUMP. A more detailed description of each SUMP Award finalist can be found here.

Murcia launched a number of measures to promote sustainable mobility in the city, including a combined ticket for tram and bus services and a programme encouraging residents to share journeys to reduce unnecessary car travel. Over 10,000 people attended the Car Free Day celebrations in the city on 22 September.

Östersund is a long-standing EMW participant and was also a finalist for the 2013 Award. Last year the city made cooperation and inclusion central to its Mobility Week, demonstrating this through events such as a three-day course teaching young migrants how to cycle. Östersund is also a lead partner in the Green Highway project, which aims to establish a 440 kilometre fossil fuel-free route across Sweden and Norway.

The highlight of Vienna’s Mobility Week was a festival demonstrating how space for cars could be used for cultural or sporting activities instead. The city also organised many other activities, including a cycling course for elderly residents and the installation of informational pillars in pedestrian zones. For Car Free Day, a major road was covered in grass and people picnicked in the new public space.

The winning city will be announced at a ceremony on 23 March 2015 in Brussels (Belgium) and will win a three-minute video that showcases the city’s sustainable mobility achievements. For this edition of the award, 38 applications from 16 different countries were received.

The other cities shortlisted for the 2014 EMW Award were:

  •     Budapest (Hungary)
  •     Gexto (Spain)
  •     Larnaka (Cyprus)
  •     Léon (Spain)
  •     Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
  •     Skopje (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
  •     Zagreb (Croatia)

For more information about EMW 2014 activities in all the shortlisted cities, click here [PDF 355kb]


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