The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award is presented to the city that is judged to have done the most to raise awareness of sustainable mobility during Mobility Week. To apply, cities must have implemented the three criteria and signed the Charter.

Winners of the award, chosen by an independent panel of transport experts, receive a three-minute video in both English and their native language highlighting their achievements. In addition, the winning city and finalists are promoted via the campaign's channels.

How can my city apply?

Complete the application form in English (no longer than 20 pages please), providing details about the EMW activities and permanent measures put in place (don’t forget to mention contributions from local partners!) Applicants are also required to add a digital copy of the signed charter and a map of the area that was closed for motorised traffic on Car-Free Day.

Email the application form together with a digital copy of the EMW Charter to the European coordination by 1 November. Supporting materials, such as communication materials, press clippings and DVDs with videos and images, should be sent by 15 November.

Is my city eligible?

Local authorities are eligible to enter the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award scheme if they:

  • Officially register their activities online
  • Sign the EMW Charter and fulfill the three “golden” criteria, (organise a week of activities, implement at least one new permanent measure and hold a Car Free Day event)

The competition is open to towns and cities situated in the EU-28, EU candidate countries, potential EU candidate countries that are part of Stabilisation & Association Process (SAP), European Economic Area countries (EEA) and European Free Trade Area countries (EFTA)

What are the jury looking for?

Jury members will examine:

  • The extent to which the activities promote the theme of EMW
  • How comprehensive the action plan is in terms of events, individual activities and involvement of citizens
  • The approach taken in communicating and promoting the EMW towards the citizens and the media AND verification of success through supporting evidence (e.g. a perception survey, media coverage analysis, etc)
  • The environmental and social impact of the permanent measure(s) implemented - supported by evidence (e.g. number of users of new cycle lane, estimate of carbon emissions saved, number of private car journeys avoided)
  • The quality and scope of the partnerships with local stakeholders for organising the EMW

Apart from these criteria, the jury also takes into consideration the applicants’ continued commitment to the campaign and the demonstrated effort in relation to the size and available budget.