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Gävle prepares for 2011 European Mobility Week

26 August 2011

The Swedish city of Gävle, winner of the European Mobility Week Award 2009, presents this year’s programme with a special focus on encouraging its residents to choose “Alternative Mobility”. Thanks to the strong commitment of companies, organisations, associations and municipal governments, the 2011 event will offer a wide range of fun and interesting activities.

The week will start off on the 16th, with a press conference and a photo shooting about alternative mobility. The first photo, portraying 50 cars, will highlight the amount of space that cars take up on the road, and the extent to which they have an impact on the city environment. The second photo will depict 50 cyclists and the third and final photo, a bus with 50 passengers. With these images the city aims at providing an illustrative example for its citizens of how their transport choice can make a great difference, not only to the environment, but to improving their life quality by diminishing traffic jams and air and noise pollution.

During the morning of the 16th, breakfast-bags will also be handed out to the residents who choose to travel with alternative mobility. The bags will also include information about this year’s European Mobility Week. On 17 September, Gävle will host “In Town Without My Car”. The main activities will be held at the town square. The day will start off at 10 am with a big bicycle race, a Gästrikeloppet, where the participants can choose between two lengths: five or ten miles.

At 1pm a fictitious traffic accident will be staged at the square. Visitors will learn how to alert the rescue team, how to give first aid and how paramedics handle the injured. Participants will also have the chance to see the latest novelties from bicycle shops, the bike riding police, try an electric two-people bike, discuss alternative mobility with politicians, take part in a bike jam and much more.

On Saturday there will also be a battle between the cities of Gävle and Östersund, where both cities will challenge each other in a competition to see which one increases bus travel among citizens the most. This day bus travel will be free for citizens who leave their car at home and show their car keys when entering the bus. During the week, several lectures will be held around Gävle: “Benefits of environmentally friendly travel for business” will be an excellent opportunity for companies to gain deeper knowledge about the benefits of environmentally friendly travel and practical solutions related to public transport.

At “Energy efficient buildings with heating systems that pay off” and “Solar heating and solar electricity – all profitable for homeowners” with Lecturer Lars Andrén, citizens will have the opportunity to learn about making their homes more sustainable. These two lectures will also be shown live on the Internet as webbTV for those who are not able to travel to Gävle city centre.

Finally, the city has also foreseen a series of permanent measures for the city as part of the European Mobility Week 2011:

  • Bicycle council
  • Winter cycling campaign
  • Travel free meetings
  • Way to School plan
  • Longboard association
  • Travel hosts at the railway station in Gävle
  • Station interaction and development of Gävle Central
  • Security measures at bus stops and walkways
  • Improved public transport to Norrlandet in Gävle
  • More trains on the route Gävle – Uppsala
  • More city buses driven on biogas in Gävle
  • Working together to increase the attractiveness of public transport to Valbo Trade Center
  • Bicycle racks at bus stops (Express bus no.41) in Valbo

A better climate, cleaner environment and improved health will be achieved, and both time and money will be saved, if we all travel smarter.

For more information, visit:

Ingegerd Krantz
Project Manager Sustainable Travels
Municipality of Gävle
Tel: +46 26 17 84 46
Cell phone: +46 76 803 31 77