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Participation Report analyses 2017 EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK campaign

29 November 2017

The 2017 EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Participation Report has been published, providing a statistical overview and analysis of this year's campaign.

In participation terms, the 2017 campaign was the most successful to date, with 2526 towns and cities taking part - an increase of 99 from 2016.

Towns and cities from 50 countries took part in the campaign, one less than in 2016. This year saw Brazil re-join the campaign with two cities registered, while Canada and Mali failed to repeat their 2016 participation.

As in previous editions of the campaign, Austria, Spain and Hungary were the top three countries for towns and cities registered. Austria and Spain improved on their 2016 totals, with Austria adding 52 municipalities and Spain adding 16, while the number of Hungarian towns and cities taking part fell by 12.

Significant increases were achieved in central and eastern Europe: Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania all saw marked improvements in participation levels.

In line with the higher participation rate, 2017 saw 542 Golden Participants - those towns and cities that carried out the three EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK criteria (implemented a permanent measure, ran a week-long campaign, and hosted Car-Free Day) – an increase of 77 from 2016 levels.

This year also saw a significant increase in Car-Free Day participation, with 1,352 towns and cities closing their street(s) to traffic – an impressive 399 more than in 2016.

For the full statistical breakdown as well as in-depth analysis, download the Participation Report [PDF].